An offer to book bloggers: Would you like to have a literary business card with author’s signature?


I’m afraid I rarely have opportunities to sign copies of my translated books for my foreign readers but now there is a way to get my autograph on your copy of my book: I ordered some business cards with the cover of my brand new Finnish novel (Väärän kissan päivä, or in English, The Day of a Wrong Cat) on the other side and my photo and a place for a personalized autograph on the other, and would like to send them to the book bloggers of the world who have written blog posts about my translated works. If you would like to have a signed business card you could attach to your copy of the book (written by me, naturally, otherwise it would’t make much sense, would it), please ask for one and I’ll send it to you.

If you would like to host a little giveaway and forward literary business cards signed by me to the readers of your blog, you can have 1 – 9 cards for that purpose.

So, if you are a blook blogger and you have written a blog post about some of my translated works and if you are interested in having some of these cards, this is how it happens:

  • Tweet a link to your blog post and tag me to it – @paziij – and send me a private message and tell me your name and address and the number of cards you would like to have (and to whom would you like me to address the signature)



Unfortunately I only have a limited number of those cards for now but at least the first 20 book bloggers will get their signed literary business cards!

The Day of a Wrong Cat: my new novel (only in Finnish, for now)

So, I am to publish my new, fourth novel Väärän kissan päivä (in English its title would be The Day of a Wrong Cat) very soon, in August 2017. It’s going to look like this:


It’s kind of a detective story of a man whose mother escapes from a nursing home during highly experimental treatment for her dementia. The novel takes place in a single day during which the protagonist must face several strange and frightening truths (or are they lies?) about his own and his mother’s life – and numerous creepy cats that seem to lurk everywhere in the city of Marrasvirta that is celebrating its annual Great Autumn Festival. He and his mother used to so close in his early childhood but then something happened and somehow soul mates became strangers that barely could talk to each other anymore. In spite of all the scary things and revealing secrets he must face, this is his very last and best opportunity to learn to know his mother once again…

Probably this fourth novel of mine will be translated sooner or later but meanwhile you, my dear English speaking readers, will have an opportunity to read my second novel Secret Passages in a Hillside Town (originally published in 2010 under the Finnish title Harjukaupungin salakäytävät). Pushkin Press is going to publish it in 7th of December 2017.